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Holsters and Gear

All the things I can't live without - carry gear, range bags, holsters, carry corsets (yep!) and leggings, purses and more.

Firearms and Accessories

What I carry and what I shoot.


Were I buy my training ammo.

Holsters and Gear

Dene Adams Carry Corsets / Leggings

Dene Adams CarryWear

 Dene Adams carry corsets and leggings are my go-to for concealed carry.  If you're looking for a thigh holster for that little black dress, they've got that too.  Durable, secure, comfortable, and very effective concealment - I'm a huge fan. 

G.P.S. Tactical Range Bags

G.P.S. Tactical Bags

 G.P.S. Tactical makes the only range bag I carry - in fact, I have several in a couple of different sizes.  How's your range bag experience been? I was entirely over having everything slide to the bottom of the bag and bang around, hunting for what I needed, or having to unload the whole bag to find things - these awesomely organized and durable bags put an end to that issue. 

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters

 Alien Gear has several excellent lines of holsters, including their modular shapeshifter series.  With a drawer full of holsters I don't use, this is one of the brands I wear. 

Can Can Concealment - Holsters

Can Can Concealment

 Hip band holsters, thigh holsters, garter holsters, and belly band holsters - Can Can makes an outstanding range of holsters that work for concealed carry.  Secure and sturdy, durable enough to be your Every Day Carry holster. 

Andrews Leather Holsters

Andrews Leather

Andrews leather makes the functional beautiful.  Outstanding workmanship, practical designs, holsters that will last a lifetime.

Gun Toten' Mamas

Gun Toten' Mamas

 While I'm not a fan of off-body carry, there may be times when its your only option.  If that's the case, take a look at Gun Toten' Mama's carry purses.  They are designed specifically by women who use firearms and carry daily for safe and secure gun concealment and discreet draw. 

Guns and Accessories

Glock Safe Action Pistols

Glock Safe Action Pistols

I carry a Glock.  Reliable, durable, accurate, safe, and easy to use.  My choice is the .45ACP or the 9mm, my husband prefers the .40, and then there's 10mm, 380auto and a few other choices to suit your preferences.  

Small, medium or large, stock or customized, there's a Glock to fit what you need.

Everything a Glock Needs

The Glock Store

   The Glock Store has pretty much everything you could ever need for your Glock pistol, stock or custom.  They also have awesome videos on how to maintain your firearm and improve your shooting.  Check out Lenny Magill's videos for lots of useful training tips and Glock maintenance demos.

Canik Pistols at Century Arms

Canik Pistols at Century Arms

American home of the Turkish-made Canik pistols - I'm a fan of these well-made, accurate, safe, easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain firearms! 

When I shoot for fun, the Canik TP9SFx is often what I choose.


AngelFire - Bulk Ammo

AngleFire Ammo

   If you're not practicing enough because of the cost of ammo, let me introduce you to AngelFire.  This is where I buy the ammo I train with.